The idea of charcuterie boards came long before us and the idea of sharing a plate of food in a social setting is nothing new...but what happens when you combine those concepts with the passion for creating unique pairings and recipes?  Mingle is born!

Our creator, Nicole, had an idea to bring traditional charcuterie boards to a new level by adding recipes and condiments that enhance the traditional board.  With original tapenades, chutneys and unique board themes, her goal was to bring people together in all settings, including charcuterie out of a food truck.

From the "Classic Mingle" to the holiday "Mingle All The Way" or the kids "Mini Mingle" and the "Meatless Mingle", our goal is to constantly develop new board concepts and offer them in a variety of methods.  We want everyone to enjoy charcuterie whether it is a small setting or a large gathering and we will not stop working to provide options that everyone will find enjoyable.

Date nights, private parties, catering, public truck appearances and special events, we want to do it all and provide unique themes and custom creations that bring everyone together one board at a time!